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Stags, Hens, & Groups

Innis & Gunn's Comedy Attic is one of the most popular Comedy Clubs in Edinburgh for Stag & Hen groups to enjoy.

At The Attic,we genuinely welcome Stag & Hen groups to see our show. Stand-up Comedy will always be keenly enjoyed by groups & individuals alike. We feel that large groups really add to the atmosphere, we always welcome Stag & Hens groups.

Don't forget you can't just turn up on the door and buy a ticket though, these must all be pre-purchased. We are always keen to ensure everyone in the room, who may not be in a large group, also enjoys the show, & we expect large groups not to do anything to interfere with other people's enjoyment. Heckling can be great Banter, just so long as it's all in good spirits.

Our Stand-up Comedy Show is held in the Attic of One of Edinburgh's most famous pubs. It is cozy and bespoke allowing us to give you a uniquely tailored experience that is worthy of anyone's last night of freedom.

This show is one you don't want to miss on your Stag or Hen Do in Edinburgh.

If you have any questions then just drop us a line at

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